HPE Design

hpe design size mocks Hot on the heels of creating the HPE Developer Community portal the HPE Design portal was created. A one-stop-shop for Design at HPE. The HPE Design website presented a fair challenge in its oscillating line headers. To implement this animation I chose to use a charting library and dynamically change the line values given to the chart over time. To loop the animation the chart values ease back to their original points, then the animation begins all over again with new destination values. It was important to me that the line animation was always changing and never on the same loop, the dynamic loop provides a level of intrigue and uniqueness to the end-user.

The stack for the HPE Design portal was a joy to work with, I chose headless WordPress, Grommet's UI/UX library, and Next.js. Utilizing headless WordPress allowed our customers, the HPE Design and marketing team, ease of content creation, and editing through an interface they were already familiar with.

Check out the HPE Design portal!