Alex Mejias graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2005 with a major in Graphic and Interactive Design. In the early days of his career, he pursued web design and development for marketing websites and landing pages. After working in the NYC Advertising industry for four years, Alex began to pursue a pure hybrid role of designer and developer.

In 2008 Lazers Interactive was founded. Lazers was a one-stop-shop vendor for ad agencies such as Crispen Poter Bogusky, BBH, BBDO, etc. The shop provided design and development services for Realtor.com, Bank of New York, TouchTunes Interactive, and TAG Heuer. Client services included design, development, 3d modeling and animation, motion graphics, and rich web application development.

In 2016 Alex took on a full-time role with a long-time client, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as a senior full-stack developer. This role allowed him to contribute to enterprise-grade projects with his diverse set of design and development skills while mastering JavaScript on the backend, system design, React, and front-end development.

In January of 2019, Alex moved to take on the role of Head of Experience Development for HPE's Chief Design Office. In this new people leader role, Alex built a high performing team of twenty UI/UX designers and developers who craft exceptional user experiences. Today Alex focuses on growing his team member's careers and skillsets through measured achievement tracking and continuous, direct feedback.

Alex continues to contribute to projects in the form of tools such as HPE Project Scripts for bootstrapping project consistency and HPE React Hooks, which provides a set of reusable React hooks for tasks like async data fetching and scroll intersection observation.